Blackwood Golf Club is a friendly and relaxed club that understands dress sense and that standards vary according to each and every individual. The minimum dress standard is clean, neat and tidy at all times. As you would expect we like to see an appropriate standard of dress on the course and in the clubhouse. While on Golf Club premises, all members and visitors must maintain a reasonably conservative standard of dress, and dress in proper golf attire while on the course. All patrons should dress in a manner that is inoffensive to others.

Here are our basic Dress Code requirements:

Golf Course, Driving Ranges and Practice Greens.


Trousers or shorts are required. T-shirt with collar and sleeves is required. Mock neck shirts are permitted. Shorts with side pockets are permitted (cargo pants).

The following are not acceptable:
• Sleeveless T-shirts (singlet’s)
• Cut-off shorts or shirts.
• Blue Denim jeans.
• Pool wear.
• Athletic attire (including football/soccer shirts/shorts)


Golf shirts or blouses are required. Golf trousers, 3/4 length “Capri” trousers, shorts or skirts are required. Ladies round neck golf T-shirts are permitted. Sleeveless collared golf shirts are permitted.

The following are not acceptable:
• Sleeveless T-shirts (singlet’s)
• Cut-off shorts or shirts.
• Blue denim jeans or skirts.
• Pool wear.
• Athletic attire


Golf shoes with soft spikes or flat-soled training shoes are required. Socks are required.

The followings are not acceptable:
• Shoes with metal spikes.
• ‘Open’ shoes.
• Golf sandals.

The Clubhouse

Dress, which is acceptable for wearing on the course, is also suitable for the clubhouse. All patrons are required to wear clean, neat and tidy attire in the clubhouse at all times.

Jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse provided they are not ripped.

The following are not acceptable:

• MEN: track suits, cut-off shorts or shirts.
• LADIES: as above

The following footwear is acceptable:
• sandals.
• sandshoes/boat shoes with or without socks.

Thongs or bare feet are not permitted

Golf shoes are permitted on the ground floor and on the rubberised surface in the first floor bar area.

The Club reserves the right to refuse access to the golf course and practice facilities or to anyone it considers being inappropriately dressed. Appropriate golf attire is required for all players as noted above.